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2008-06-13 17:53:12 by HeliosStar

I should make some.

No inspiration

2008-05-26 00:55:53 by HeliosStar

I wish that just once I'd have the drive to see a project through.

I always quit, I find the tiniest reason to do so and I give up.

"I can't animate this scene right." ~quit

"This is a stupid plotline." ~quit

"It'll be too much work." ~quit.


New quest.

2008-01-24 19:31:31 by HeliosStar

Well I'm not satisfied with my improvement in the audio category, not satisfied at all!

I must be better!



less "meh"

Anyway I'm gonna try to cover every single genre mentioned on NG.

will I get better? hopefully. but I guess we'll see.

Merry christmas everyone!

2007-12-25 18:34:08 by HeliosStar

Well, it's christmas, and without the magic of flash games and sponsorship mine would have sucked because i'm poor :3.

anyway Woad and I have just released our second game "Christmas Cat."

We busted our asses on this one in order to get it done by x-mas, and we succeeded :].

It has a fair amount more depth than starbound, so be sure to check it out! if it ain't as good; hey, at least we're trying new things.

Starbound Released

2007-12-23 11:38:33 by HeliosStar

I've been lucky enough to partner up with an awesome coder, and we've just completed our first game Starbound!

Thanks for the sponsorship.


Vote 5!

Recent news and stuffs.

2007-12-04 16:50:48 by HeliosStar

I've been drawing a lot more often and increasing my knowledge of how to do so. I still have a lot to learn, but I'm much better than I used to be.

if you wanna check out some of my art, go here: 0993

Current animation projects:

Chaos in the forest: 3% (script written)

Jet world: 5% (some script written, 17 seconds of storyboard.)


2007-11-23 12:03:19 by HeliosStar

Why does animation come so easy but music so hard? it's like starting from square one. I remember when I used to suck arse at animating, now it comes more naturally and I can flesh out what I want done.

With music...I feel like a toddler with no legs. I barely know FL, and I certainly don't know anything about music. and yet I want to write and compose it so badly >.<

I dunno. I'll keep working at it. stay tuned NG.

p.s. some help would be nice :3.

This is a news post.

2007-11-03 15:35:10 by HeliosStar


I'm forcing my way back into animation because it feels like a while since I've finished anything....